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Welcome to Sylorn!

Sylorn is game project founded, run and lead over the internet. We're an enthusiastic bunch who are all working to a common goal, utilising each of our strengths to their fullest. Our motivated team ranges from incredible 2D artists, to gifted 3D artists, to the highly literate storyline creators and efficient managers.

You, can be one of us.

That's right. We accept almost anyone, so long as you're motivated.

But what is it?

Sylorn is an 'indie-dev' Fantasy-based MMORPG.
Indie-dev means Independant Development team.. no executive company, no million-dollar budgets (well actually, no money at all), no stressful deadlines. Just fun.

Fantasy? Think Lord of the Rings.. or Dungeons and Dragons. ;)

MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. A Role-Playing game involves taking on the persona of a given character, and moving up economically, socially, and physically in the world. And, you do this with thousands of other like-minded players.. hence the MMO part.


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